From Care Homes with Love

Does the sound of home care service comfort you and your family member who needs it the most? In UK alone, the elderly and senior citizens are growing in number, which is why the demand for professional home care services has also escalated. The care homes UK has to offer, focus on excellence and high standard service as far as their mission is concerned.

It’s only natural for some family members, whether a daughter, son or grandchild to feel somewhat guilty when he/she can’t personally take care of the loved one who needs it. It could be for the reason that the person is tied up with a demanding line of work or he/she is just not qualified to handle the situation. But regardless of that, knowing that a professional service is available lessens the burden and guilt,  and provides peace of mind. This allows the person to relax and feel assured that his/her loved one is in the best hands.

Most care homes UK has today, have residential services where trained nurses and medical staff take care of the patient at home. The situation could either be the nurse stays at the home for a regular time or that the nurse is called for, only on very specific moments or when needed. More than usually, those who request for regular home care services are those that need careful medical treatments – taking medicine at very specific times of the day, the patient having problem with mobility or the need for treatments that only professional and licensed nurses are able to administer.

It is already a given that home care involves the technical skills that are best handled by the experts; if injection shots are needed regularly or if the patient gets in frequent emergency attacks, a person without training will not be able to deal with it appropriately. But aside from this, what makes a home care service a good choice is that it also involves a lot of heart and concern.

Below are other things that make the care homes UK has to offer, more than just a medical service:

  • If an elderly who was living all alone were to be without home care, then he or she is at high risk of danger and harm. But with the service, the SAFETY of the patient is guaranteed.  When the patient needs to go up the stairs, use the bathroom, get food from the kitchen or bathe in the tub, there will always be someone to properly assist him/her. Accidents can happen in these mentioned areas of the house and within a split second, it can already be an emergency situation.
  • Being old and sick can be a lonely situation not just for the pain that the body may be experiencing but for the feeling of being alone itself. A home care attendant can provide the best COMPANIONSHIP. And this helps tremendously as a  patient can get better faster when there’s always someone to talk to and share things with.  Just having someone to watch the television with, have breakfast and coffee with or tell stories with, can make the patient forget of the sickness or pain he/she is experiencing even for just a while.